Welcome to Universal Feeders

Universal Feeders are leading distributers of unique grain feeders across Australia. The Clarke family come from a farming background and are familiar with the requirements of agricultural products. When unable to find grain feeders for sale with the strength required to be used effectively they began to develop their own Saliva Lick Feeders. In 2007 Universal Feeders was established and has been evolving ever since.

At Universal Feeders we offer a large range of sheep, poultry and cattle grain feeders for sale. A grain feeder has many benefits for your farm. You can easily monitor and control the daily intake of grain which means you can reduce wastage, limit feeding costs, lower your labour costs and most importantly INCREASE your profits.

On a livestock farm the health of your stock as well as the quality and quantity of food they eat can determine your financial success. Without close monitoring you can run into major issues, either financial or directly related to the well-being of your stock. Safeguard your livelihood and contact us to discuss your options.

Our grain feeders have been designed in four different sizes; extra-large, large, medium and small. The diversity of our range allows you to choose the right grain feeder for your stock and budget. Our extra-large units are perfect for large livestock such as cattle. Our cattle feeders for sale are large enough to feed your livestock without causing any spillage, overfeeding or waste.

Cattle grain feeders work by limiting the amount of food your livestock can access through its unique release system and the natural saliva production of your animals. These grain feeders for cattle are an innovative way to ensure you minimise losses and maximise on profits. Delivery of our cattle grain feeders are available Australia wide and prices are dependent on the depot location.

When looking for a grain feeder for sale you will need to consider a few different things including your food type, what stock you wish to feed and your budgetary constraints. We can provide you with anything from an extra-large 4200 litre cattle feeder to a much smaller 1000 litre unit.

Universal Feeders is based in Goomalling Western Australia and is part of the Universal Initiatives range of products. Our range of cattle feeders for sale ensure that your livestock will be fed in the most efficient way possible. Contact us today on 0427 424 243 or 0428 291 010 to discuss any of our products. Regardless of your needs we are sure to have a grain feeder for sale that suits your requirements!